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Postal Address: Walkden High School, Old Clough Lane, Worsley, Manchester, M28 7JB

Tel: 0161 975 8000

Fax: 0161 975 8079

Email Addresses: You can contact a member of staff by email using the following format: ( Please note that as staff will often be teaching throughout the day, it may take a little longer for them to reply.

You can find a complete list of staff contact details by clicking below.

You can find the contact email details for our Heads of Year on this page.

You can find the contact email details for the Heads of Zone and Subject staff for each zone by clicking on the the following: Core, Creative, Discovery, Expression, Global, Hive.



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Staff Contact Details

Senior Leadership

Name Subject Send Email Position
Mr S Lennox   Click here
Mr C Corbett History Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Shah Science Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Carroll English/Media Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Lyons History/Cz Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Ball Geography Acting Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Croft Inclusion & Senco Assistant Headteacher
Ms Wilford Admin Business Manager

Core Zone

Name Subject Contact Email Position
Mrs. V Knipe English Zone Leader
Mr. S Phelan Maths Zone Leader
Mrs K Davies Maths Lead Practitioner -Maths
Miss V Bond English Lead Practitioner - English
Mrs A Massey Maths Teacher
Mr G Healey Student Support Mr G Healey Head of Year 11
Mr P Johnson Maths Mr P Johnson Teacher
Mrs H Bentley English/Drama Teacher
Miss J Taylor Maths Teacher & AZL Maths
Miss J Reynolds English Teacher
Miss M McSweeney Eng/Media & Literacy Leader Teacher & AZL English
Ms N Meah Maths & Numeracy Leader Teacher (on mat leave)
Ms. K Jolly English Teacher
Mr R Singh Maths Teacher
Miss Faiza Choudhary Maths Teacher
Mrs K Acton Maths  Mrs K Acton  Teacher (mat cover)
Mr M Thomas Maths Mr M Thomas Teacher
Mrs Y Long Student Support SEN TA
Miss C Phillips  Maths  Teacher
Miss Lucy Tye Maths Teacher
Miss R Fowle English Mrs R Fowle Teacher
Miss A Harrison English Teacher
Miss S Trigwell English Teacher

Creative Zone

Name Subject Contact Email Position
Mrs H Quinn Tech/Art ZONE LEADER
Mrs E McGowan Art Mrs. E McGowan ASS ZONE LEADER
Ms A Dunphy Art Teacher
Miss J Rothwell Food Teacher
Mr P Moseley Tech/Cz Teacher
Miss R Quinlan Tech/Art Lead Practitioner
Mrs H Taylor Food Technology Mrs H Taylor Teacher
Mr A Brides Tech/Graphics Mr R Brides Teacher
Mr T Haigh Art Teacher
Ms S Ware Student Support SEN TA (Creative)
 Mrs J Warren Child Development Teacher
 Mrs E Adamson  Food Technology  Mrs E Adamson  Teacher
Mr D Bridge Student Support Mr D Bridge Head of Year 8

Discovery Zone

Name Subject Contact Email Position
 Mr. A Wilson  Science Alex.a ZONE LEADER (Head of Science)
Miss N Greenwood Science Miss N Greenwood Raising Standards Leader
Mrs N Devereux Science Mrs N Devereux Assistant Zone Leader (2nd in Science)
Mr Gary Talbot Science Lead Practitioner
Mr A Barron Science Mr A Barron Teacher
Ms C Siddall Science Teacher
Mr. S Mills Business Studies Teacher
Mrs D Dawson ICT Acting Assistant Zone Leader
Miss M Campbell Science Teacher
Mrs J Timothy Science Teacher
Ms K Simpson Science/Cz Teacher
Mrs A Moir Business & Computing Mrs A Moir Teacher
Mr N Green Science Mr N Green Teacher
Mrs R Afzal Science Teacher
Mr R Leadbetter Student Support SEN TA
Ms S Aslam ICT Teacher
Miss L Weighman Business Studies & ICT Miss L Weighman Teacher
Miss S Harris Support Staff Technician
Mr S Mills Support Staff Technician
Mr T Dawson Science/ICT Teacher
Miss F-M Warren Student Support Head of Year 10
Miss J Newnes  Science Miss J Newnes  Teacher
Mrs S Rehan Science Mrs S Rehan Teacher

Expression Zone

Name Subject Contact Email Position
Mrs L Venables Media Zone Leader
Miss. K Clitherow PE Assistant Zone Leader
Mr A Tobutt PE Teacher
Mr C Gray Student Support SEN TA
Ms J Rouse Music Teacher
Mr D Holden Music Mr D Holden Teacher
Mr. J Simmons PE Teacher
Miss R Dunn Drama Teacher
Mrs N Hughes PE/Dance Teacher
Mrs N Hall Media & English Teacher
Mr N Jones Student Support Head of Year 9
Miss T Watson PE Miss T Watson Teacher
Mr M Greenwood PE Teacher
Mrs M Bawden PE  Mrs M Bawden  Teacher

Global Zone

Name Subject Contact Email Position
Mrs R Ball History Acting Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Early MFL  Mrs C Early Director of Learning
Ms G Oldbury MFL Teacher
Mr M Coxon MFL Mr M Coxon Teacher
Miss A Papathomas MFL Teacher
Mr A Sims RE/Cz Teacher
Mr P Collins MFL Mr P Collins Teacher
Miss C Seddon Humanities Acting Zone Leader
Mr D Thomas Student Support Mr D Thomas Head of Year 7 & Transition Director
Miss J Young RE/Cz Miss J Young Teacher
Mrs D Preece MFL Teacher
Mrs K Wilkins SEN/RE Teacher
Mrs L Lomas Geography Teacher
Miss S Brookfield Geography Acting Assistant Zone Leader
Mr S Hodson Geography/Cz Teacher
Miss C Halligan Student Support SEN TA
Mr T O'Brien Geography    Teacher
Mrs L Travis Geography    Teacher

The Hive

Name Subject Contact Email Position
Mrs C Croft Inclusion & Senco Assistant Head
Ms A Billany Support Staff HLTA
Miss E Benfield KS2 Progress Group Teacher
Mrs. H Faulkner Support Staff HLTA
Miss R Cummins SEN Teacher Teacher

Student Support & Administration

     Whole School
Mrs T Moynihan Administration  Mrs T Moynihan Receptionist
Mrs C Appleton Administration Home School Liaison Officer
Mrs L Dronfield Student Support Vocational Studies Programme Coordinator
Mrs B Duffy Administration Headteachers PA
Ms V Haye Administration  Bursar
Mr  N Hilton Student Support Behaviour Provision Manager
Mr S Booth Student Support Head of Year Pastoral (whole school)
Mr N Koopman Administration Systems Support Manager
Mr B Paulden Administration  Mr B Paulden Systems Support Manager
Mr J Mangas Student Support Raising Aspirations, Achievement & Careers Director.  ( and D of E coordinator)
Mrs N Hastings Student Support Raising Progress coordinator - Key Groups (PP)
Vacancy Administration   Exams Officer
Mrs N Hill Student Support Mrs N Hill Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare Officer

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